Committee Reports

Report opposing legislation which would give the Queens County DA jurisdiction over cases arising on Rikers Island


The Corrections and Community Reentry Committee issued a report opposing State legislation which would strip the Bronx County District Attorney of jurisdiction over criminal cases arising in Rikers Island, transferring that jurisdiction to the Queens County District Attorney. The Committee said this bill raises serious state constitutional questions and would undermine the prosecutorial discretion and independence of New York City’s District Attorneys. The Committee noted that this bill is opposed by both the Queens and the Bronx District Attorneys, as well as by the District Attorneys Association of the State of New York and others. 

Originally Issued November 2014; Reissued May 2015


A.5726 (AM Lentol) – Provides Queens County with jurisdiction for cases arising from Rikers Island facilities (NYS 2015-16); A.7333-B (AM Lentol) / S.4928-B (Sen. Nozzolio)(NYS 2014)


A.7333-B/S.4928-B Vetoed by Governor, Memo 581 – December 29, 2014