Committee Reports

Report on the Research Animal Retirement Act


The Committee on Animal Law issued a report supporting the proposed Research Animals Retirement Act, which would require certain research facilities to offer dogs and cats held at such research facilities for adoption, either through private placement or placement by non-profit animal rescue and shelter organizations, prior to the facilities’ euthanizing such animals after the completion of any testing or research. The Committee supports this state legislation as a humane way of handling animals after their use in research. 

Originally Issued January 2015; Revised and Reissued June 2016


A.8261-A (AM Rosenthal) / S.98-A (Sen. Boyle) – Requires research dogs and cats at certain facilities to be offered for adoption through private placement or with non-profit animal rescue and shelter organizations prior to euthanization (NYS 2015-16)


Signed by the Governor, Chp. 240 – August 16, 2016