Committee Reports

Report on legislation requiring the microchipping of dogs and cats sold in NYC pet shops


The Committee on Animal Law issued a memo in support of City legislation that would bar pet stores from releasing a dog or cat to a consumer unless (1) the dog or cat has been microchipped by a licensed veterinarian; (2) the pet store has registered such animal’s microchip with the consumer’s contact information; and (3) the pet store has provided the consumer with written usage instructions for the microchip acknowledged by signature by the consumer. The proposed legislation also contains record-keeping requirements for pet stores. The Committee provided recommendations to make the microchipping procedure more effective.

Originally Issued May 2014; Reissued November 2014


Intro 0146-2014 – relates to microchipping animals sold in pet stores.


Signed by the Mayor (2015/008) – January 17, 2015