Committee Reports

Report on legislation requiring the installation of fire sprinklers in certain establishments that provide services for animals


The Committee on Animal Law issued a report approving with recommendations proposed City Council legislation that would require the installation of automatic sprinkler systems throughout all animal hospitals, kennels, pounds, veterinary clinics, and pet shops that provide services for animals if animals are continuously sheltered therein for a period of at least 24 hours. Fires in animal service facilities such as pet shops and kennels can have tragic consequences both for the animals and the first responders. Confined animals have no means to escape a fire and may die or suffer serious injuries while trapped in their cages during a fire. While supporting the legislation, the Committee recommends that the legislation cover these animal service facilities regardless of whether they shelter animals for 24 continuous hours, and that automated fire alarm systems be required in addition to automated sprinkler systems.


Int. 0145-2014 – requires animal service facilities where animals are continuously sheltered for a period of at least twenty-four hours to install automatic sprinkler systems.


Signed by the Mayor (2015/078) – September 2, 2015