Committee Reports

Report in Support of the Judiciary’s 2015-2016 Budget Request


The Council on Judicial Administration submitted a report to the State Legislature supporting the 2015-16 Judiciary Budget Request in its entirety. The Judiciary Budget Request seeks a 2.5% increase, continuing the effort to reverse the effects of a serious funding cutback in 2011, which greatly impacted the operations of the courts. The additional funding would be used to increase the number of courts that can remain open to the public until 5:00 p.m., allow courts to maintain current staffing levels, and fill a limited number of critical positions. In addition, the $15 million increase in funding for civil legal services provided in the Budget Request would ensure that more of the most vulnerable New Yorkers are not without counsel in cases involving the essentials of life. The report addressed various problems caused by previous underfunding of the courts, and concluded that the Budget request is necessary and fiscally responsible.


Spring 2015 44th Street Notes: “Legislative Update: Passage of a State Budget”