Committee Reports

Report in support of creating an Inspector General to oversee the NYPD


In a report to the New York City Council, the Committee on Civil Rights expressed support for Int. No. 1079, which would create an inspector general as part of the Department of Investigations to oversee the New York City Police Department. The legislation, the report notes, is a reasonable step and fills a much-needed gap in NYPD oversight. Specifically the bill would: 1) increase transparency in what the NYPD is doing, better allowing government officials to exercise their oversight; 2) be a mechanism to help better protect civil liberties; 3) increase public confidence in how the NYPD is carrying out policies that disproportionately affect minorities; and 4) allow for internal reform, as the inspector general would be able to work cooperatively with the NYPD to address any problems it identifies.


Int. 1079-2013 – relates to the investigating, reviewing, studying, and auditing of and making of recommendations relating to the operations, policies, programs and practices of the New York City Police Department by the Commissioner of the Department of Investigation.


Enacted by City Council overide of Mayoral veto – August 22, 2013