Committee Reports

Recommendations Concerning the Bail Bond Industry in the State of New York


The Criminal Justice Operations Committee, along with the Corrections and Community Reentry Committee and Criminal Courts Committee, issued a report recommending the elimination of the for-profit commercial bail bond industry in New York.  In so doing, the City Bar joins the American Bar Association, the National Association of Pretrial Services Agencies and the New York City Criminal Justice Agency in this recommendation, noting that the continued use of for-profit bail bonds “creates discriminatory standards of release in New York’s notoriously problematic bail system.”  Indeed, the successful use of charitable bail bonds, credit card bail, and supervised release programs demonstrate the efficacy of alternative, non-commercial bail practices.   “The City Bar joins Governor Cuomo in condemning for-profit policies that target the poor, and urges the legislative changes recommended by CJA and the ABA to eliminate commercial bonds in New York.”