Committee Reports

Prohibiting the sale of puppies and kittens bred from puppy and kitten mills in NYC


It is well documented that many of the puppies and kittens sold at retail pet stores, including those in New York City, come from puppy and kitten mills where they are subjected to cruel and inhumane practices. The Committee on Animal Law issued a memo in support of City legislation that would bar the sale of animals bred in such mills. While supporting the legislation, the Committee noted that there are loopholes in the legislation and made specific recommendations as to how they should be tightened. The Committee also made recommendations with regard to enhanced standards of care for dogs and cats both in pet stores and at breeders.

Originally Issued May 2014; Reissued November 2014


Intro 0055-2014 – prohibits the sale of puppies and kittens bred in puppy and kitten mills.


Signed by the Mayor (2015/005) – January 17, 2015