Committee Reports

Letter to Senate Judiciary Regarding Nomination of Senator Sessions for Attorney General


On January 6, the City Bar sent a letter, signed by President John S. Kiernan, to the United States Senate Judiciary Committee, urging its members to engage in a “searching inquiry” into the nomination of Jefferson B. Sessions III for Attorney General. The letter reads: “In light of the characteristics of Sen. Sessions’ candidacy set forth in this letter, the New York City Bar Association believes it is appropriate to urge the Judiciary Committee to pursue such searching inquiry regarding Sen. Sessions’ record and views as is necessary to confirm his commitment to preserving and advancing the rule of law, enforcing the law (including legislation or judicial decisions with which he disagrees), and protecting the rights of individuals who lack the power to protect themselves. These inquiries should be predicated on the position – which the New York City Bar Association believes the Judiciary Committee shares – that whole-hearted commitment to these values is an essential component of a candidate’s qualification to serve as Attorney General of the United States.”