Committee Reports

Letter to China’s Minister of Justice Regarding the Situation of Peter Hahn


The Committee on Asian Affairs wrote to the Minister of Justice of China to express deep concern for the situation of Peter Hahn, a humanitarian aid worker who has been living and working in the China-North Korea border region. In July 2014, Mr. Hahn’s offices were raided, and he is being held in detention. We understand the authorities have not provided him with any reasons for the raid, and neither he nor his family and lawyer have been informed of any formal charges against him. In addition, Mr. Hahn is in frail health and has been denied medication. The Committee noted apparent violations of both international law and Chinese law and urged that the Chinese government investigate Mr. Hahn’s case and make a timely finding as to the cause and justifiability of his continued detention. In addition, the Committee urged that Mr. Hahn be given access to his prescribed medications.