Committee Reports

Letter regarding the Prosecution of Russian Human Rights Activist Ludmila Bogatenkova


The Committee on International Human Rights authored a letter protesting what appears to be the politically-motivated prosecution on fraud charges of Ludmila Bogatenkova, who is the Chair of the Kuma River Area Branch of Soldiers’ Mothers, an organization that reports on concerning conditions faced by soldiers in Russia’s armed forces. Her organization has been investigating the deaths of Russian soldiers allegedly forced into military service in Ukraine since spring 2014. The letter cites provisions of the Constitution of the Russian Federation and of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR) that may well be violated by this prosecution. It urges that the relevant law enforcement agencies comply with the Constitution and the ICCPR by (1) providing an independent examination of all charges against Ms. Bogatenkova to ensure they are not motivated by her exercise of her free speech rights regarding military activity in Ukraine, (2) allowing her full access to counsel and a full opportunity to investigate the witnesses and charges against her, and (3) using only the least restrictive methods of restraint — if any — in her case, in light of her fragile health, and the fact that she is not a flight risk.