Committee Reports

Letter on Transparency and Good Governance in the UN Secretary-General Selection Process


The United Nations Committee (Michael D. Cooper, Chair) and the Task Force on Good Governance in the Secretary-General Selection (Ulysses Smith, Chair) sent a letter to the Presidents of the UN General Assembly and UN Security Council and to the Incoming President of the UN Security Council in which they lauded the “unprecedented effort” by the UNGA to increase transparency and inclusiveness in the 2016 UN Secretary-General selection process, while also noting the potential for improved governance in the UNSC decision-making process.  In particular, they noted the UNGA’s efforts to make available to the public the candidates’ vision statements, curriculum vitae and biographical information, the diverse array of candidates of different genders, nationalities and regions that was nominated, and the public debates and other speaking engagements that candidates attended as part of their “campaigns.”  However, they urge more transparency with regard to the UNSC’s final decision-making process, and plan to follow-up with a panel discussion and report that will offer concrete recommendations.