Committee Reports

Comments on Proposed Rule for Redaction of Confidential Personal Information in Papers Filed in NYC Civil Court and Other Lower Courts Throughout the State


The Civil Court Committee and the Council on Judicial Administration authored comments regarding proposed state court rules governing redaction of confidential personal information in Civil Court. The comments support the proposed rule with the following recommendations: (1) the limited disclosure exception for consumer debt cases should be modified to allow further disclosure because account identification is material in those cases; (2) Proposed Rule 202.4(B) should be applied consistent with existing CCM-172 regarding the redaction of social security numbers; (3) full birth dates and minors’ full names must be disclosed on name change applications; and (4) special efforts should be made to protect unrepresented and unsophisticated litigants from the risk of identity theft and to assist them in complying with the new redaction rule.


ADOPTED AO /193/15
Effective: April 1, 2016