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New York City Bar Association Releases 2019 New York State Legislative Agenda

As part of its ongoing policy work at the local, state and federal levels, the New York City Bar Association has released its 2019 New York State Legislative Agenda. The agenda is comprised of legislation that fits broadly into the following themes: (1) good government; (2) equality of opportunity and experience; (3) support of the judiciary and the fair, effective administration of justice; and (4) business and commercial practice areas.  This agenda represents only a portion of the dozens of positions generated by City Bar committees over the course of each legislative session. It focuses on issues that are relevant to the current legislative debate or of particular importance to the City Bar, as well as legislative proposals drafted by committees. 

The following are the agenda items for 2019:


  • Reform and modernize New York’s voting system and Election Law                  
    • Voting Reform: early voting; “no excuse” absentee voting; single primary day; party registration; Election Day registration; Election Day a work holiday; felony re-enfranchisement; instant run-off voting in municipal elections
    • Election Law Reform: redistricting; Board of Elections; Public Campaign Financing
  • Bring meaningful and comprehensive ethics and rules reform to Albany  
    • Ethics Reform: New York State Government Integrity Commission; limit legislators’ outside employment
    • Rules Reform


  • Advance criminal justice reform and policies that will reduce mass incarceration
    • Eliminate or Reduce Unfair Financial Burdens of the Criminal Justice System: bail reform; mandatory court fees
    • Enact Sentencing Reform Measures: “Safety Valve” proposal; Second Chance Amendment; Domestic Violence Survivors Justice Act; One Day to Protect New Yorkers Act; sentencing alternatives to prison
    • Support Programs and Policies that Allow Incarcerated Individuals to Successfully Reenter Society: rehabilitative services; seal or expunge criminal records; Fair Chance Act; uniform “certificate of rehabilitation”; Fair Access to Education Act
  • Create a system for the production, distribution and adult non-medical use of marijuana in New York                                                                                            
  • Promote comprehensive reproductive health policies and sexual education 
    • Comprehensive Sexual Education
    • Access to Contraception
    • Reproductive Health Act
    • Maternal Mortality Review Board
  • Enact the Gender Expression Nondiscrimination Act (GENDA)


  • Support the Judiciary’s 2019-20 Budget Request, including adequate funding for civil legal services
  • Enact the Uniform Voidable Transactions Act, which would modernize New York’s laws related to fraudulent conveyances                     
  • Reform and modernize the administration of class actions in New York’s courts   
  • Re-incentivize art authenticators and restore integrity to art transactions in New York       


  • Extend common interest privilege to business transactions                       
  • Support long-established practices of business-to-business arbitration proceedings             
  • No automatic consent to jurisdiction by foreign businesses registering to do business in New York                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

The City Bar’s 2019 New York State Legislative Agenda can be viewed here:

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The mission of the New York City Bar Association, which was founded in 1870 and has 24,000 members, is to equip and mobilize the legal profession to practice with excellence, promote reform of the law, and uphold the rule of law and access to justice in support of a fair society and the public interest in our community, our nation, and throughout the world.