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New York City Bar Association Condemns Today’s Events at U.S. Capitol, and Urges Congress to Proceed with Electoral College Certification

The New York City Bar Association is gravely concerned and appalled by the unprecedented events taking place at the U.S. Capitol on what will surely be marked as a dark day in American history. The illegal invasion of the Capitol by individuals with the purpose of derailing certification of the Electoral College results and preventing the peaceful transfer of presidential power, incited by the words of President Trump himself, amounts to insurrection. These illegal acts must not be allowed to interfere with the Constitutional duties of Congress and the rule of law. Those members of Congress whose words and deeds provided an excuse for today’s shocking events and continue to provide cover for the false and dangerous notion that the election was “stolen” should disavow their gravely unfortunate efforts before this day is over. It is because of the fragile state in which our democracy has now been placed and the need to protect and promote peace that the City Bar, in the strongest possible terms, urges members of Congress to immediately withdraw any and all objections to certification of the November 3 election results. The Electoral College results can and should be confirmed by Congress today, safely and without any further delay. We urge lawmakers to consider the long-term goal of preserving our democracy versus any perceived short-term gain of making a political statement based on false and unsupported claims of election fraud. The President’s own culpability for today’s actions by his supporters requires its own response, which we will address separately.

Sheila S. Boston
President, New York City Bar Association

Stephen Kass
Chair, Task Force on the Rule of Law