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Legal X-Ray of Eric Adams’ Campaign Proposals

The New York City Bar Association, through its New York City Affairs Committee, has produced a “legal X-Ray” of the incoming Adams administration’s campaign platform. “The goal of this project is to explain where we believe the legal authority lies to turn each major campaign proposal into reality,” the document says.

The Committee describes its process as one which “cataloged the Adams campaign’s major publish proposals…[and] set out to neutrally analyze whether each campaign proposal can lawfully be implemented under mayoral authority alone, or requires action by others—e.g., revision of the City Charter or action by the City Council, the State Legislature or Congress.”

“Just because the Mayor-Elect can, under the law, act more or less unilaterally does not mean he should. Rather, the path to successful reform will generally be paved by significant consultation and collaboration,” the document states, stressing that consultation and collaboration should “be pursued across the board.” The document also notes where that approach would be particularly advisable.

“We know the Mayor-Elect and all in city government will be working hard to turn a campaign year’s promises into next year’s policies. We hope this ‘x-ray’ of the Adams platform helps them bring positive change for all New Yorkers,” said Jeremy Feigelson, Chair of the City Bar’s New York City Affairs Committee.

In describing its impetus for the project, the Committee expresses its hope that the X-Ray will be a helpful and timely resource for the incoming Administration, elected officials, related stakeholders, and the public, while also explaining that it “is not legal advice, and is subject to review and revision as more specific proposals are produced by the Adams Administration.”

Read the document here: