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City Bar Rates Candidates for Civil Court in New York City

The New York City Bar Association has completed evaluations of the following candidates who are running in contested primary elections on June 23 for Civil Court. The review was conducted by the City Bar’s Judiciary Committee. The Association’s review of those candidates who are not running in contested primary elections remains to be completed and will be released in advance of the general elections. 

The Committee uses two ratings: Approved and Not Approved. Candidates rated Approved have affirmatively demonstrated qualifications necessary for the performance of the duties of the position for which they are being considered.  


New York County

Civil Court, 1st Municipal District

Eric Schumacher – Approved

John Zhuo Wang – Approved

George Marc Santana  – Not Approved


Bronx County

Civil Court, 2nd Municipal District

Linda Poust Lopez – Approved

Wanda Negron – Not Approved


Kings County

Civil Court, 3rd Municipal District

Maria Aragona – Approved

Stephen Burzio – Approved


Queens County

Civil Court, Countywide

Jessica Earle-Gargan – Approved

John Ciafone – Not Approved


Civil Court, 6th Municipal District

Leigh K. Cheng – Approved

Juan Hong Son Hong – Not Approved


Note: To ensure the thoroughness and integrity of the ratings process, the City Bar cannot comment beyond what is provided in this release.


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