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City Bar Applauds Adoption of Fair Fares Program

The New York City Bar Association applauds Mayor de Blasio, Speaker Johnson and the New York City Council for adopting a Fair Fares program. This program was supported by the City Bar’s Social Welfare Committee as a vehicle to bring more social and criminal justice to New York City. “Fair Fares will help low-income New Yorkers avoid having to choose between bad options,” said Lisa Pearlstein, member of the Social Welfare Committee and Director of the City Bar Justice Center’s Legal Clinic for the Homeless. “No one should have to choose between getting to work or school and paying for essential needs such as housing or nutrition, or feeling that their only option to avoid that choice is to jump a turnstile. This program will help make New York a city where everyone can thrive, regardless of income.” The City Bar applauds Riders Alliance and the Community Service Society for their leadership and tireless advocacy, which made Fair Fares a reality.

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