Zoos: A Viable Cultural Institution or One Headed for Extinction?

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Zoos have long attracted visitors, inviting them to view and learn about wild and exotic animals. At the same time, zoos have generated controversy, with differing opinions as to their mission as well as to the welfare of animals in captivity. Our panel of experts in their fields on zoos and animal captivity discuss positive and negative aspects of present day zoos and the roles of zoos in the future.

Dale Jamieson, Chair, Environmental Studies Department and Affiliated Professor of Law, New York University
Ron Kagan, Executive Director and CEO, Detroit Zoo
Delcianna Winders, Academic Fellow, Animal Law & Policy Program, Harvard Law School
James F. Gesualdi, Special Professor of Law, Hofstra University School of Law

Mikki Golar, Member, New York City Bar Association Animal Law Committee

Sponsoring Association Committee:
Animal Law Committee, Lori Barrett, Chair