When Campus Norms Come To Corporations: The Coming Wave of Employment Conflicts

New York City Bar Association · When Campus Norms Come To Corporations: The Coming Wave of Employment Conflicts – 5-30-2019

Social psychologist Jonathan Haidt examines what he calls a new moral culture appearing on college campuses, in his recent book The Coddling of the American Mind, co-written with Greg Lukianoff, an attorney who is the president of the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education. Haidt and Lukianoff call this a “culture of safetyism” one that sees students as fragile and easily harmed by words, books, and speakers that express ideas construed as “violence”. They analyze it as a generational effect, appearing around 2014 because that is when “Gen Z” (born after 1995) first arrived on campus. In this talk, Haidt will explain the multiple intersecting trends that he believes made many members of Gen Z more anxious.. He will argue that many universities adapted to the needs of Gen Z in ways that made their difficulties worse. Gen Z just began to graduate from college in 2018, and so is just joining the workforce. Haidt will raise the possibility that what he terms the “callout culture” and reports of “walking on eggshells” that are now frequent at many universities, may be coming to corporations and industries that hire many graduates of elite American universities.

Jonathan Haidt,
Thomas Cooley Professor of Ethical Leadership, New York University Stern School of Business

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