The State of Fintech

New York City Bar Association · The State Of Fintech


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The City Bar Digital Technologies Task Force teams up today with the Financial Technology Association for a deep dive into the State of Fintech. Angelena Bradfield (FTA), Adam VanWagner (MoneyLion), Matt Cameron (Remitly), Meredith Fuchs (Plaid), and Parris Sanz (WebBank) unpack the current legal and regulatory environment, especially with regard to recent moves toward an open banking rule. Our guests discuss the significant impact of fintech on financial inclusion, consumer benefits, and the evolving landscape of digital financial services. The conversation highlights the crucial role of regulatory flexibility and the potential of technologies like AI in fostering innovation while ensuring robust consumer protection. The discussion also touches on the significant implications of regulatory actions at both federal and state levels on the fintech ecosystem. The experts call for a balanced approach to regulation that encourages innovation and ensures consumer trust in the fintech industry.

Tune in to hear more about:

  • How will a forthcoming open-banking rule from the CFPB change the banking industry?
  • What is the potential for fintechs to expand inclusion in the financial system?
  • How will the use of AI affect future partnerships between fintechs and traditional banks?
  • How friendly to innovation is the current regulatory regime? How has the balance shifted over time?

Access a transcript of this episode here: https://bit.ly/3xmNDYex