The Pros and Cons of a Ban on Declawing Cats

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Some states and municipalities, including New York State, are considering laws that would ban the practice of onychectomy, the surgical declawing of cats. At this program, advocates in favor of and advocates opposed to the New York bill discuss its potential impact on animals and veterinarians in New York.

Benjamin L. Hart, Animal Behaviorist and Distinguished Professor Emeritus, School of Veterinary Medicine, University of California, Davis
Dr. Jenny Conrad, Founder and Director, The Paw Project 
Dr. Eileen Jefferson, New York State Representative, Humane Society Veterinary Medical Association, Director of New York State Legislative Affairs, The Paw Project, Owner/Founder, Ethical Veterinary 

Jane Hoffman, Member, Animal Law Committee

Sponsoring Association Committee:
Animal Law Committee, Lori Barrett-Peterson, Chair