Sunset for Elephants and Rhinos in the Wild? Illegal Trafficking, Inadequate Enforcement, and Lack of Political Will

Extinction is imminent for wild elephants and rhinos due to a confluence of uncontrolled poaching, illegal wildlife trafficking, consumer demand, and the inadequate reach and enforcement of conservation laws. A panel will discuss these issues, including the CITES treaty, relevant U.S. laws, and the potential impact of the U.S. State Department’s new four-part strategy to strengthen and expand enforcement.

Moderator: MARTHA GOLAR, Member, Committee on Animal Law

Speakers: BRYAN CHRISTY, Contributing Writer, National Geographic; Author, Blood Ivory; WILLIAM CLARK, Wildlife Crime Officer, INTERPOL; MAJOR SCOTT FLORENCE, NYS Bureau of Environmental Crimes Investigation; ADAM ROBERTS, Executive Vice President, Born Free USA

Sponsored by: Committee on Animal Law, Christine Mott, Chair

Listen to an mp3 recording of the event here.