Pilots, Plans, & Promises: Is Desegregation Possible in New York City’s Schools?

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Focused on New York City’s schools grades K-8, panelists on November 8, 2018 discussed the history of school segregation and integration efforts; diversity pilots and plans; school admission screens, G&T programs, and their potential for desegregation; accountability, legal constraints, and best practices. Whether you are an education advocate, parent, practitioner, public official, student, or concerned citizen, this exciting and thought-provoking conversation is packed with information you will want to know.

Matthew Gonzales
, Director, School Diversity Project, New York Appleseed
Richard D. Kahlenberg
, Senior Fellow, The Century Foundation
Brad Lander
, Member, New York City Council
Emmy Liss, Chief of Staff, Div. of Early Childhood Educ. & Student Enrollment, NYCDOE
Dennis D. Parker, Director, Racial Justice Program, ACLU

Clara Hemphill
, Founder and Editor, InsideSchools