Legal Issues Concerning Companion Animal Programs in Prisons & Jails

The program examines legal and ethical issues surrounding prison based companion animal programs including dog training programs. Panelists discuss their own participation in such a program as well as the growth and scope of such programs more generally in the US. The panel explores benefits of such programs on the individual level as well as on the criminal justice system including implications for rehabilitation, vocational skill training and recidivism.

Liz Keller, Founder, Rescue Dogs Rescue Soldiers Project
Kimberly Spanjol, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice, Iona College
Gloria Gilbert Stoga, President and Founder, Puppies Behind Bars

Sponsoring Association Committee:
Animal Law Committee, Chris Wlach,  Chair

Co-Sponsoring Association Committee:
Corrections and Community Reentry Committee, Greg Morril, Chair