Global Crackdown on Civil Society: USA, Russia and India

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This event addresses the global crackdown on civil society space and the resulting challenges in protecting fundamental rights and freedoms. While threats are global, documented in over 100 countries, this event focuses on those experienced specifically in India, Russia/Eastern Europe and the United States. The worldwide trend, which extends beyond authoritarian regimes to democracies in many regions, includes new laws restricting or prohibiting protest and other forms of political activism; direct targeting of activists, journalists, and human rights defenders; and regulatory and funding obstacles aimed at non-profit organizations. Discussion addresses restrictions on the freedoms of assembly and expression in the United States in the context of a worldwide pattern of shrinking space for civic engagement and dissent. The speakers also share resistance strategies activists and human rights defenders are using to counter this crackdown.

Sukti Dhital, Deputy Director, Robert L. Bernstein Institute for Human Rights
Melissa Hooper, Director, Human Rights and Civil Society, Human Rights First
Baher Azmy, Legal Director, Center for Constitutional Rights

Judge Sidney H. Stein, U.S. District Court, Southern District of New York

Sponsoring Association Committee: 
International Human Rights Committee, Anil Kalhan, Chair

Co-Sponsoring Association Committees:
Asian Affairs Committee, Angus Ni, Chair
Council on International Affairs, Martin Flaherty, Chair
European Affairs Committee, Victor Muskin, Chair
Task Force on Independence of Lawyers & Judges, William August Wilson III, Chair
Task Force on National Security & the Rule of Law, Mark Shulman, Chair
United Nations Committee, Michael Cooper, Chair