Fighting Corruption: A Political And Ethical Imperative

Join us for a panel discussing how the profits from corruption fuel bad governance, conflict and terrorism. Governments falter due to corrupt officials who steal funds earmarked for public projects and enrich themselves with bribes. Grievances such as lack of services and unemployment have a common source: the plundering of a country’s wealth by predatory and corrupt political elites.

Proceeds garnered from the illicit trade in natural resources provide funds for militias to buy weapons and foment strife. Today’s deadliest conflicts are sustained by illegal enrichment from pillaging property such as ivory, minerals and timber, stealing from impoverished populations.

Panelists discuss possible solutions to address the ongoing scourge of corruption.

Elizabeth Barad, International Law and Gender Consultant, former Chair of the NYC Bar’s African Affairs Committee

April Dennis, Director of Anti-Money Laundering Modeling, Société Générale Americas 
Kenneth Hurwitz, Senior Managing Legal Officer on Anti-Corruption, Open Society Justice Initiative
J.R. Mailey, Special Investigations Director, the Sentry
Zoe Reiter, Acting Representative to the US and Senior Project Leader, Transparency International
Alain Seckler, UN Political Affairs Officer, Africa II Division
Ulysess Smith, President & CEO, Telos Governance Advisers LLC

Sponsoring Association Committees:
International Human Rights Committee, Lauren Melkus, Chair

Co-sponsoring Committee Programs:
Asian Affairs Committee, Jian Wu, Chair
Inter-American Affairs Committee, David H. Flechner, Chair
Council on International Affairs, Michael D. Cooper, Chair
Middle Eastern & North African Affairs Committee, Timothy James McCarthy, Chair


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