Digital Revolutions in Mobility

New York City Bar Association · Digital Revolutions in Mobility


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Flying cars and vertipads. Electric cars filling the streets with a charging station on every block. That’s the not-so-distant future and the experts are getting serious about preparing for it. How will the grid accommodate all of these new draws on electricity? How will this army of new devices communicate with each other? What business models will govern our new technologies? Who will own the galaxy of new data that results? Matthew Daus, Margaret Barry, Elizabeth Stein and Lorraine McGowen from the Electronic Mobility Subcommittee of the Digital Technology Task Force tackle these and more pressing questions in this episode of the New York City Bar Podcast.

Stay tuned to hear more about:

  • What are emerging transportation technologies?
  • What’s next for the proliferation of electric vehicles?
  • How will we need to adapt the electrical grid to accommodate all of these new technologies, and how can we ensure they are deployed equitably?
  • What new challenges in product liability are going to come with new electronic mobility technologies?

Access a transcript of this episode here: https://bit.ly/3SReLFJ