Building Belonging: The Legal Accountability Project

Building Belonging · The Legal Accountability Project

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Aliza Shatzman is President and Founder of the Legal Accountability Project, a nonprofit aimed at extending support and resources to law clerks to ensure that they have a positive clerkship experience. Aliza talks about the mistreatment that she experienced as a law clerk. Her experience led her to discover the shocking lack of labor protections for clerks and the enormous power disparity between clerks and judges. Aliza was ultimately inspired to take on the deeply entrenched status quo in the clerking system. Tune in to hear about:

  • The power dynamic that exists today which gives judges the power to mistreat clerks and potentially derail their clerks’ careers
  • How law schools and their clerkship offices have been complicit in protecting bad actors and withholding information about bad judges from clerkship applicants
  • How Aliza has improved accountability for judges and raised awareness in the community of law clerks
  • What law clerks experiencing mistreatment can do to get help
  • What changes need to be made to improve working conditions for clerks
  • The centralized clerkship database created by the Legal Accountability Project that democratizes information about judges and clerkships

You can read Aliza’s testimony to the House Committee on the Judiciary here: https://bityl.co/K6EO

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