Photography Policy

General Terms

Visitors may photograph and film the exterior and interior of the City Bar’s building, provided that the photos or videos are not used to: (a) suggest an implicit endorsement by the City Bar or in any other way misrepresent the nature of an individual’s or entity’s role in and/or relationship with the City Bar; or (b) exploit the City Bar, its name, logo or other identifying features or marks for political or commercial purposes.


The City Bar encourages visitors to take casual photographs and videos of their visit for their own personal use, including posting on social media. No approval is required.

Visitors who wish to take any other type of photographs or videos in the City Bar’s building must request permission by contacting Customer Relations at or (212) 382-6663. Filming must not disrupt City Bar activities and may not involve equipment other than a camera and stand without express authorization.

Professional shoots or projects that involve additional equipment should be arranged through Meeting Services at (212) 382-6653 or

Attorneys who meet with clients at the City Bar may use photos or videos of the building, and its address of 42 West 44th Street, to advertise the location of their meetings but may not display the name or logo of the City Bar in such advertisements. Participants in the Virtual Law Firm program should use the mailing address of 43 West 43rd Street, NY NY 10036 (plus the assigned suite number) but may advise clients that the building entrance is located at 42 West 44th Street.

The City Bar reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to withhold or withdraw permission to photograph or film on its premises.

Thank you for adhering to this and all other City Bar policies.