Scholarships & Discounts

Financial scholarships are available. An application must be submitted in writing at least two (2) weeks before the date of which the CLE course or program is scheduled. Applications received less than two (2) weeks before the program shall be denied.

Fill out and submit the Financial Scholarship Application.

A 50% discount* will be granted to attorneys who are unemployed.

*You do not need to submit an application for this discount to be honored – register at any time with this discount by contacting Customer Relations at (212) 382-6663.

Members who are Law Students, Recent Law Graduates, Newly Admitted Lawyers (admitted for the first time in 2021-2023), In-House Counsel, Judges, or Attorneys in Government, Academic or Not-for-Profit sectors are entitled to attend all programs that are four hours or less, for free, unless otherwise noted.

Small Law Firm: Discounts for attorneys employed at small law firms with 25 attorneys or less are available for specified programs.

Discounts for Association Committees

Members of a Sponsoring Committee are entitled to a 50% discount off of the sponsored program.