Effective Job Searching

Networking, on-line job search, preparing a resume, interviewing, follow-up

Finding a job can seem especially daunting in the current economy. It is critical to your success to break the process down into manageable effective job searching steps that are completed with thoroughness and efficiency. While networking comes more naturally to some than to others, it is a skill that can be learned. Social networking is an increasingly invaluable resource in your arsenal of career management tools and effective job search tools. Moreover, as job search sources have moved online, researching jobs has become easier. These topics, along with applying and interviewing for jobs, are covered below.


Building Your Network (PDF)

Face-to-Face Networking in the Dot. Com World (PDF)

Listening: The Long Lost Skill And Its Effect On Networking (PDF)

Researching Jobs

Essential Job Search Strategies in a Down Economy (PDF)

101 Careers: A Guide to the Fastest-Growing Opportunities, 1998
Michael Harkavy

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The Lawyer’s Guide to JobSurfing on the Internet, 2000
Career Education Institutes.

Martindale-Hubbell Law Directory
This directory is available online in three forms, a searchable CD-ROM version, the website: www.martindale.com and through www.lexis.com.

Martindale-Hubbell Law Digest (latest editions)

National Association for Law Placement Line
National Association for Law Placement Directory of Legal Employers
Available as a database on Westlaw, West Publishing Company’s computerized on-line research service.

National Directory of Legal Employers, National Association of Law Placement
The Association of Law Schools and Legal Employers

Phone: 202.667.1666, Fax: 202.265.6735.

The Official Guide To Legal Specialties, 2000
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Resources for Conducting an Internet Job Search, 1998
National Association for Law Placement
This brochure provides an overview of the types of services, resources and information available on line.

America‘s Greatest Places to Work with a Law Degree and How to Make the Most of Any Job, No Matter Where It Is, 1998
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The Best of the Job Goddess, 1999
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This book provides a compilation of answers to difficult questions posed by law school students and recent graduates.

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Online Resources







Research companies, industries, salaries


Find attorneys, answers to legal questions, and other legal resources

All law school and undergraduate alumni websites and career centers are also good sources of networking opportunities and potential job postings.


Resources for People with Disabilities

Interviewing Tips for Law Students with Disabilities and Employers Who Recruit Them, 1999
National Association for Law Placement

Job Search Handbook for People With Disabilities, 2000
Daniel J. Ryan

Job Strategies for People with Disabilities, 1992
Melanie Astaire Witt

Applying and Interviewing

Interviewing Positivity (PDF)

The Unforgiving Market (PDF)

10 Suggested Dos and Don’ts To Cover Letter Writting Success (PDF)

How to Evaluate a Job Offer (PDF)

Using Informational Interviews in Your Job Search or Career Transition (PDF)

Job Hunting in a Down Market (PDF)

Returning to Work (PDF)

Preparing Resume, Cover Letter, Statements of Interest, Writing Samples and References

175 High Impact Cover Letters, 2nd Edition, 1996
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Best Resumes & Cover LettersBest Resumes for $75,000+ Executive Jobs, 1992
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Better Resumes for Attorneys and Paralegals, 1986
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Dynamite Cover Letters & Other Great Job Search letters!, 1994
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The Only Job Hunting Guide You’ll Ever Need: The Most Comprehensive Guide for Job

Hunters and Career SwitchersUpdated and Revised, 1995
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Sweaty Palms: The Neglected Art of Being Interviewed, 2005
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Re-Entering Attorneys

Firsthand Accounts of Re-entry (PDF)

Nuts and Bolts of Re-entry: A Step by Step Process for Attorneys Re-entering the Work Force (PDF)