Current career assessment and career advancement/change, client development, partner and nonpartner tracks.

Self-improvement is key to advancing in our careers, and it’s important to work as hard at keeping the job we have as it is in finding a new job. Whether it’s managing people or our own time, improving communication with our colleagues, or becoming a better mentor, there are best practices to follow. The following resources can help.

Time and People Management

Advancing at Your Firm (PDF)

Managing Workplace Stress (PDF)

Tips for Better Time Management (PDF)

Art of Communication: Effective Delegation (PDF)

Becoming an Entrepreneur for Your Career (PDF)

It’s the Assignment (PDF)

Manager: The Next Step for Midlevel Associates (PDF)

Project Leadership (PDF)

Rainmaking for Junior Women Associates (PDF)

The Illusion of Security and Practical Implications (PDF)


Delivering Constructive Criticism in the Workplace (PDF)

The Art of Communication Persuasion Through story Telling (PDF)

Effective Communication Strategies (PDF)

Job Satisfaction

Achieving Professional Success and Satisfaction (PDF)

Choose to Succeed (PDF)

Defining Success for Yourself, Setting Your Own Course (PDF)

How to Have a Fun Legal Career (PDF)

Getting into the Spotlight (PDF)

About Performance Evaluations (PDF)


The Three F’s of Mentoring (PDF)

Building Your Network, Establishing Strategic Alliances(PDF)

Being An Effective Mentor: 101 Practical Strategies for Success, 2001
National Association for Law Placement
The companion brochure to the publication described below, this brochure presents practical steps and tips on the mentoring process from the mentor’s perspective.

Working with a Mentor: 50 Practical Suggestions for Success, 2001
National Association for Law Placement
This brochure provides “simple, practical points that can help you work effectively with your mentors…and to help you take advantage of mentoring opportunities that present themselves everyday.”

Law Students / Young Lawyers

Career Tips (PDF)

Why Getting Legal Experience as an Evening Law Student is Important (PDF)

The Value of Semester Internships (PDF)

Ten Tips for Surviving Your First Year in Big Law (PDF)

Career Counseling for First Year Associates (PDF)

Take Control! Career Planning for Junior Associates (PDF)

A Successful Transition From Law Student to Lawyer, 1996
National Association for Law Placement

This brochure provides law students and recent graduates with tips for getting off to a good start as a lawyer; developing good management practices; putting client service first; demonstrating professional ethical behavior; and enjoying the experience of being a lawyer.

A Young Lawyer’s Jungle Book: A Survival Guide, 1999
Thane Josef Messinger, Fine Print Press.

From Law School to Law Practice, 1990
The American Law Institute
“(T)his handbook is aimed primarily at beginning associates, providing the insights they need to adjust quickly to the demands and expectations of their employers, to perform well from the outset, and to make the positive impression that will set them on the proper path for success in the firm….”

From Law Student to Lawyers, 1992
Gary Munneke
This manual is Part of the Career Series of the American Bar Association. It offers information that will help in making career plans and “will refer you to reliable sources for checking information and updating your career plans”. In addition, “the experiences and perceptions of practicing lawyers are offered to help you develop a career plan.”

The Legal Career Guide: From Law Student to Lawyer, 1993
Gary A. Munneke & Frances Utley, American Bar Association.
This manual is part of the Career Series of the American Bar Association. It offers information that will assist you in making career plans and “will refer you to reliable sources for checking information and updating your career plans.” In addition, “the experiences and perceptions of practicing lawyers are offered to help you develop a career plan.”

Full Disclosure: Do You Really Want to Be a Lawyer?, 1992
Susan Bell, The American Bar Association
This book is a collection of writings by some two dozen legal professionals, giving their thoughts on their experiences within the legal field. “In Full Disclosure, the Young Lawyers Division of the American Bar Association gives the often starry-eyed would-be lawyer a trueto-life account of what really goes on in law school and in the practice of law. The result is a thought-provoking and entertaining compendium of everything today’s lawyers wish they had known before entering law school.”

Full Disclosure: The New Lawyer’s Must-Read Career Guide, 2001
Christian Civiletto Carey, Esq.
“An indispensable mentoring guide for young lawyers and those about to enter the practice of law.” Includes practical advice on finding the right legal position; writing an effective cover letter and resume, etc. In addition, contains a comprehensive list of hundreds of law firms.

What Law School Doesn’t Teach You But You Really Need to Know, 2000
Kimm Walton
The latest book from the author of Guerilla Tactics for Getting the Legal Job of Your Dreams. She provides advice “on everything from handling social events gracefully to working with support staff. It is practical advice delivered with a sense of humor.”

Business Etiquette

Business Etiquette in Brief: The Competative Edge for Today’s Professional, 1993
Anne Marie Sabath
Making a positive and powerful first impression is essential in any job search. This book isdesigned to help set you apart as a polished and practiced professional with tips on business greetings, introductions, and correspondence, as well as office and telephone etiquette.

Don’t Slurp Your Soup, A Basic Guide to Business Etiquette, 1991
Betty L. Craig
This book offers “advice and direction for virtually any situation.” It covers proper business etiquette for situations ranging from making introductions to international etiquette. It is a helpful resource for learning the professional way to handle many common situations.

The First Five Minutes, 1998
Mary Mitchell with John Carr
This book provides the techniques, skills and confidence needed to present yourself positively, dynamically and effectively in various situations – business and social, formal, casual or critical.

Women and Attorneys of Color

A Call to Action for Minority Lawyers: Navigating the Road to a Successful Law Firm Career, 2000
The Association of the Bar of the City of New York
This publication consists of materials that were prepared for a presentation at the City Bar in November 2000. They contain very useful articles on life in a law firm including, among other topics: how to acclimate to firm life, and how to obtain high profile assignments.

The Courts: An Excellent Place for Minority Attorneys to Launch Their Careers, 2002
National Association for Law Placement and the American Bar Association
This brochure explains what clerkships are and how they can benefit students of color.

The Directory of Minority Judges of the United States, 1997, 2nd Edition
American Bar Association
This book has been largely utilized by those seeking judicial clerkships with judges of color.

Getting Down to Business: Marketing and Women Lawyers, 1996
Deborah Graham

Options and Obstacles: A Survey of the Studies of the Careers of Women Lawyers, 1994

Presumed Equal: What America’s Top Women Lawyers Really Think About Their Firms, 2006
Ashley Riveira and Lindsay Blohm

Profiles of Minority Attorneys in Specialty Practices, 1995
National Association for Law Placement
This publication profiles attorneys of color who have achieved success in specialty practices.

Women in Law, 1983
Cynthia Fuchs Epstein

Additional Resources

Below are resources organized by specific non-legal practice areas:


Business Development & Marketing

Legal Marketing

Legal Marketing Association, Metropolitan New York Chapter:

Law Marketing

Professional Marketing Forum


Career Counseling

Association of Career

Society for Human Resource


Knowledge Management

Effective Knowledge Management for Law Firms, 2004
Matthew Parsons, Oxford University Press.

Knowledge Management and the Smarter Lawyer, 2003
Gretta Rusanow, ALM



KM in the Legal Profession, 2005
Bob Bater, Ark Group

Law Librarians’ News/Excited Utterances (2002 – present)
Legal knowledge management and law librarianship):

Wissensmanagement für Anwälte (Knowledge Management for Lawyers), 2004
MartinSchulz, Marcek Klugmann, & Carl Heymanns
Publications that deal with law practice management issues, such as the ABA’s Law Practice magazine frequently contain articles on KM.

Law Firm Group/Practice Administration

ABA Law Practice Management Section:


Association of Legal


Your New Lawyer, 1992
American Bar Association, Section of Law Practice Management, Michael K. Magness & Carolyn M. Wehmann, Editors.
A guide to recruitment, development and management of new lawyers for the legal employer. This book gives you insight into what issues legal employers contemplate in hiring and retaining new lawyers.


Legal Search Consulting

The Annual Directory of Legal Search Consultants
Published by the National Association of Legal Search Consultants
Phone: 888.256.2732, E-mail:
The National Association of Legal Search Consultant (NALSC) provides an up-to-date international directory of all NALSC member firms

National Association of Legal Search Consultants (NALSC)


Professional Development & Training

American Law Institute-American Bar Association (ALI-ABA)

Association for Continuing Legal Education:

Best Practices in Attorney Professional Development: Heading Off and Handling Wrong Turns (ABA)

Lawyers’ Guide to Mentoring, Ida Abbott

Lawyers’ Professional Development, Ida Abbot

National Association for Law Placement (NALP):

Professional Development Consortium:



National Association for Law Placement (NALP)

New York City Recruitment

NALP’s Public Service

Directory of Executive Recruiters: Corporate Edition
Published by Kennedy Information, Inc.
Phone: 800.531.0007 or 603.585.6544, Fax: 603.585.9555

Directory of Executive Recruiters: Personal Edition

Directory of Executive Temporary Placement Firms

Directory of Management Consultants

Directory of Outplacement & Career Management Firms

International Directory of Executive Recruiters

Legal Recruiters Directory 2002: Supplement to The American Lawyer, January 2002 (published annually)

Jobs for recruiters and marketing professionals: