Provide services for senior lawyers; conduct programs for assistance to and of interest to senior lawyers; consider and promote programs for the benefit of the bar, law schools, law students, and the community, utilizing the services and experience of senior lawyers, both on a volunteer or compensated basis; and to act as the voice of senior lawyers within the Association of the Bar.

The following are suggested ways a senior lawyer may benefit his or her community:

  • Actively participate in a bar association
  • Teach law courses
  • Write articles for bar publications
  • Act as mentor for students, young lawyers and lawyers in transition
  • Serve as legal aid volunteer
  • Serve as volunteer mediator
  • Provide volunteer legal services
  • Serve as an expert witness
  • Speak to nonlawyer groups, churches, etc.
  • Volunteer for nonprofits in the community
  • Volunteer for domestic violence prevention programs