Career Counselors Referral Program

The New York City Bar is pleased to offer its members referrals for a one-on-one counseling session with an experienced career counselor.

City Bar members will be eligible to meet with a participating counselor for an initial session (50 to 60 minutes as determined by the counselor) for a fee of just $100.  If a follow-up session is deemed to be necessary by both the counselor and client, the fee for the second session will also be at the $100 rate. All fees are payable by the member directly to the career counselor at the time of the session. Fees for subsequent sessions beyond the second hour are set by the individual career counselor, and fees may range from $200 to $500.

In order to be eligible for this special rate, you must fill out a Counselor Referral Request Form. The City Bar will assign a counselor to you after it receives your completed request form. Counselors have agreed to participate in the program on a rotating basis and the City Bar will assign you a counselor depending on who is available at the particular time. We are unable to accommodate requests to meet with specific counselors. Members who contact any of the participating counselors on their own will not be eligible for the special reduced rate.

The first two sessions are limited to assisting attorneys with career issues as they relate to performance and professional development. Counselors will  not provide outplacement or job placement services. For a list of participating counselors click here.

If you would like a referral please fill out a Counselor Referral Request Form; available here. You will receive an email from the New York City Bar within 48 hours of our receiving the form with a Career Counselor’s contact information.

The New York City Bar does not endorse any of the participating counselors nor does it endorse any of the advice that is given to the client from the counselor. The New York City Bar is not responsible for any advice given or the outcomes that result from such advice. Counselors participating in the Career Counselor Referral Program are not employees of or independent contactors to the New York City Bar. The New York City Bar is offering these referrals solely as a resource and benefit to its members.

The New York City Bar Association will use its best efforts to provide its members with a referral but does not guarantee that it will provide any of its members with an Initial Session. Additionally, no member is allowed more than one Initial Session in a six-month period through this program and no member is entitled to further counseling sessions beyond the Initial Session at the special $100 rate.