Mindfulness & Well-Being in Law Committee

The Mindfulness & Well-Being in Law Committee provides resources, programs and publications on the practice of mindfulness (bringing awareness to the present moment) and other disciplines that will support the well-being of attorneys and others in the legal profession. Over 4,500 peer-reviewed academic papers show that mindfulness practice can greatly help with stress and anxiety, emotional resilience, creativity, ability to focus, reduction in implicit bias, better relationships and civility, and even control over addictions – all benefits which are useful, and even critical, for lawyers to develop. The Committee's goal is to bring together attorneys interested in mindfulness and the development of greater well-being and their application to our profession; to provide a resource for lawyers, law firms, legal non-profits, law departments, state and city agencies, and any other interested parties; to discuss how the committee members are applying mindfulness and helping develop greater well-being in their organizations; to pose questions and potential areas of application for the Committee to consider; and to engage a larger audience. The Committee anticipates offering CLEs on mindfulness, as well as providing white papers and/or other documentation supporting its use


Mindfulness and Well-Being Toolkit

Mindfulness and Well-Being Guide for Physical Distancing