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Marriage Rights for Same Sex Couples in New York

There is currently a national debate over the right of lesbian and gay couples to enter into state-sanctioned marriage. Much of this debate stems from Vermont’s recent legislation permitting same-sex civil unions. Lawsuits in Hawaii and Alaska attacking the constitutionality of prohibitions on same-sex marriage have also fueled the debate. In addition, many states are currently considering and some have adopted legislation attempting to prevent recognition of same-sex marriages performed in sister states. In 1996 Congress enacted the Defense of Marriage Act (“DOMA”), which could give states that enact such legislation ammunition to deny recognition to same-sex marriages that may be legally-sanctioned in sister states. This Report addresses the issue of whether same-sex couples have the right to marry in New York and obtain the legal rights afforded to opposite-sex couples, as well as the ancillary issue of whether New York should recognize same-sex marriages and legal unions entered into in sister states and abroad.

The Experience of Lesbian and Gay Men Law Students in the New York Metropolitan Area Law Schools

This report documents the law school experience of lesbian and gay men who are students in New York metropolitan area law schools, and who responded to a survey distributed by the Association’s Committee on Lesbian and Gay Rights. The report in conjunction with previous studies shows the continuing need for education and action to address inequality and discrimination against lesbian and gay men in the legal environment.