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Task Force Provides Guide For Service Animal Users (Able News)

Able News, June 2017

Task Force Provides Guide For Service Animal Users

“The ‘Guide to the Use of Service Animals in New York State’ was recently released by the New York City and New York state bar associations. The guide describes the rights of people who use service animals and those who must accommodate them. According to the New York City Bar Association, it explains federal, state and local laws for owners and trainers of service animals, as well as employers, landlords, merchants and other property owners and managers. It also offers guidance to lawmakers, government officials, attorneys and courts. Mark Leeds, a city government attorney who sits on the disability committees of the state and city bar, led a task force that worked on the guide for about a year. As reported by the NY Law Journal, he said the goal was to “give a bottom line” about what is and isn’t legally allowed, and where. ‘The Americans with Disabilities Act says if there are local laws that provide greater rights than those under the ADA, those local laws apply,’ Leeds said. ‘In New York City, city law applies.'”

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