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Small Law Firms Gather to Get Advice of Their Own (New York Law Journal)

New York Law Journal, November 13, 2017

Small Law Firms Gather to Get Advice of Their Own

“Attorneys interested in the ‘nuts and bolts’ of starting a law firm listened as Matthew Foreman, a solo attorney, described the equipment they’d need. It probably came as no surprise that they’d have to acquire a computer and the right software to run it. But his next suggestion might have seemed more unusual to some. Purchase a shredder, he said. Members of the audience for the panel on which Foreman sat were among 200 who attended Thursday for the 14th annual small law firm symposium of the New York City Bar Association. The focus of the conference was on something most attorneys don’t learn in law school: How to run a successful small business. The city bar counts as small firms those with 24 or fewer attorneys, about one-fourth of the bar’s 24,000 members. Approximately 40 percent of that subgroup are solos.”

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