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Size Up an Ideal Office Space (New York Law Journal)

New York Law Journal, June 18, 2019

Size Up an Ideal Office Space

Whether you’re planning to venture out on your own or you’ve been managing a solo practice for some time, you will encounter many business and operational issues that were not discussed in your law school education nor in your first position as a law clerk or an associate in private practice…. Dobson adds: “Out-of-state lawyers should be aware of New York Judiciary Law 470, requiring lawyers to have a physical office within the state. The law was upheld by the Second Circuit, to the surprise of many. And the New York City Bar Association opined this year that the definition of a proper office under Rule 7.1(h) should be the same as Judiciary Law 470, meaning that the onerous and outdated law may even have implications for resident lawyers, at least with respect to advertising.”

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