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SCOTUS Map: April and May 2017 (SCOTUSblog)

SCOTUSblog, May 19, 2017

SCOTUS Map: April and May 2017

“Every spring, the New York City Bar Association hosts the Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg Distinguished Lecture on Women and the Law, with Ginsburg providing the introductory remarks for that year’s speaker. On May 8, Ginsburg introduced Patricia Bell-Scott, author of a book about Eleanor Roosevelt and the legal scholar, activist and Episcopal priest Pauli Murray. Ginsburg credited Murray’s law review article ‘Jane Crow and the Law’ with giving Ginsburg a ‘road map’ for the equal citizenship stature arguments she made in 1971’s Reed v. Reed, which resulted in the Supreme Court’s application of the equal protection clause to sex discrimination. A transcript and a video of the justice’s speech are available via the New York City Bar Association.”

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