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Punching in: Acosta Take Two, Chipotle of Tinkering (Bloomberg Law BNA)

“Also on our Labor Department watch, the agency’s Office of Federal Contracts Compliance Programs was one of a variety of subagencies that got scorn from the employer community and Republicans during the Obama years. But for those expecting Team Trump to turn OFCCP on its head – or eliminate the office altogether – Orrick attorney Chris Wilkinson has a word of caution. ‘They’re going to be here to stay,’ Wilkinson told a group of lawyers at the New York City Bar Association’s Employment Law Institute last Friday. Wilkinson, who served as the DOL’s associate solicitor for civil rights and labor-management, said he doesn’t see the Trump administration gutting the regulations that OFCCP enforces. He also doesn’t expect the OFCCP to be folded into the EEOC anytime soon, he said, despite calls for that move by the Heritage Foundation.”


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