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Politico New York Playbook 10/22/19 (Politico)

Politico, October 22, 2019

New York Playbook 10/22/19

“The Working Families Party is endorsing a move to ranked choice voting in city primaries, which will be decided by a ballot question next month. WFP New York state director Bill Lipton called it a ‘needed reform, that will lift up progressive voices in New York City by eliminating the spoiler effect in primaries and special elections and encouraging candidates to reach out to all communities.’ WFP itself used a form of ranked choice voting for its recent presidential endorsement. Meanwhile, the New York City Bar Association’s New York City Charter Revision Task Force called ranked choice voting a ‘significant reform’ Monday but said it’s a ‘missed opportunity’ that it will not apply to general elections. Using different systems in different elections ‘could itself confuse voters,’ the group said.”

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