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NYC Firms’ Leadership Still On Slow Path To Diversity (Law360)

Law360, November 6, 2017

NYC Firms’ Leadership Still On Slow Path To Diversity [subscription required]

“The number of women and minorities holding leadership positions at New York City law firms climbed again slightly in 2016, but progress in many respects continues to be incremental at best, a new report released Monday by the New York City Bar Association said. The NYCBA’s 2016 Diversity Benchmarking Report showed increased numbers of women and racial or ethnic minorities serving on law firms’ management committees since 2015, with more women also serving as practice group heads. In addition, 41 percent of firms said they have at least three women on their management committees, up from 24 percent just two years ago, and firms with three or more minorities on their committees rose from 7 percent to 18 percent over that same time span. But the study found diversity continues to be an issue among women and minorities overall, as one in five law firms had no women on management committees, and nearly half of all survey participants — 46 percent — have no minority management committee members.”

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