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NY Law School Launches New Housing Justice Leadership Institute (Queens Daily Eagle)

Queens Daily Eagle, January 15, 2019

NY Law School Launches New Housing Justice Leadership Institute

“Amid a growing demand for housing lawyers, New York Law School (NYLS) announced the introduction of a new training program to teach supervision and management skills to housing rights attorneys citywide. In August 2017, New York City became the first municipality in the United States to introduce a right-to-counsel law for low-income resident at-risk of eviction and homelessness….’The Housing Justice Leadership Institute will help housing rights supervisors assure that low-income tenants are provided with the high-quality legal representation they deserve,’ said NYLS Professor Andrew Scherer, co-director of the HJLI and co-chair of the New York City Bar Association’s Civil Right to Counsel Task Force. Professor Kim Hawkins serves as the other co-director….The initiative received funding from the New York State Interest on Lawyer Account Fund and the Robin Hood Foundation and has received support from the City Bar Fund, Inc., the New York City Human Resources Administration’s Office of Civil Justice.”

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