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Lawyers and Alcohol Abuse: NYC Lawyer Assistance Program Is Here to Help (New York Law Journal)

New York Law Journal, May 25, 2018

Lawyers and Alcohol Abuse: NYC Lawyer Assistance Program Is Here to Help

“The New York City Lawyer Assistance Program, NYC LAP, is a valuable resource available to New York City lawyers, judges, law students and their family members to get them the help they need. Currently 55 percent of individuals receiving NYC LAP’s free and confidential counseling are self-referred. The other 45 percent are referrals from the appellate divisions, law schools, legal employers, the judiciary, colleagues, family members, treatment programs and other LAPS. When this confidential, free counseling service began in 1999, like other state and local lawyer assistance programs at the time, the focus was on helping lawyers with alcohol-related problems. The range of NYC LAP’s counseling services has since expanded along with the mission of other LAP programs nationwide. NYC LAP Director Eileen Travis, LCSW, reports that, currently, mental health-related services make up 50 to 65 percent of referrals. Professional counseling is available for alcohol and substance abuse (prescription and otherwise), gambling and other addictions, depression, anxiety and stress, eating disorders, domestic abuse, anger management—and for virtually any other issue taking a toll on the mental and physical health of a New York City lawyer, judge, law student or family member….There are two ways to contact NYC LAP for a confidential consultation: calling the confidential helpline (212-302-5787) or sending a secure email, see After contact has been made, Travis and NYC LAP clinical coordinator Randi Anderson (also a lawyer) will extend an invitation to come in, talk about the problem or problems, identify solutions, and develop a plan of action, including recommendations and referrals to outside professionals as needed.”

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