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Interview Patricia M. Hynes, Newly Elected Bar Association President

The Editor of the Metropolitan Corporate Counsel interviews Patricia M. Hynes, newly elected President of the New York City Bar Association and Senior Counsel at Allen & Overy LLP about her record of public service and her hopes for the Bar under her leadership.

A major professional milestone for Ms. Hynes is her service as an Assistant US Attorney in the United State’s Attorney’s office for the Southern District of New York in Manhattan from 1967 to 1982. “Working in a prosecutor’s office whose clients were the United States government and its agencies and doing both civil cases and criminal prosecutions was a wonderful experience professionally,” she says.

During her presidency, Ms. Hynes hopes to “promote access to justice in keeping with the long history of the Bar Association” by “enlarging upon pro bono activities of the City Bar Justice Center and also by supporting the funding efforts for the betterment of the justice system.”

The Metropolitan Corporate Counsel
July 2008