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High-Profile Mining Case Shines Spotlight On Cybersecurity (Law360)

Law360, February 28, 2024 

High-Profile Mining Case Shines Spotlight On Cybersecurity 

Back in 2019, a working group established by the International Council for Commercial Arbitration, the New York City Bar Association and the International Institute for Conflict Prevention and Resolution released a cybersecurity protocol. At the time, the topic fell under the radar for many arbitration practitioners, according to Stephanie Cohen, a Canadian arbitrator of international and domestic commercial disputes who’s based in New York City and is a member of the working group. But over the past five years, things have changed, she told Law360. ‘When I first started talking about cybersecurity … people would sort of scratch their heads and give you a funny look,” she told Law360. “But I don’t think that’s how people look at it today.’