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Get Business Without Getting Disbarred (Above the Law)

Above the Law, November 14, 2017

Get Business Without Getting Disbarred

“Officially the above wasn’t the title of the 14th annual small law firm symposium of the New York City Bar Association, but it gets to the point faster. Every year, the bar association invites small law firms and solo practitioners to an event to discuss the unique challenges facing small practitioners in the country’s biggest city — though many of the lessons apply anywhere you go in America. Everyone knows that smalls and solos face the daunting task of fitting a full-time job as a lawyer and a full-time job as a small business owner into one 24-hour day. It’s enough to break any attorney, and that’s before you realize that the financial crisis forced an inordinate number of attorneys directly from law school to shingle without the seasoning the profession used to afford. That’s why local bar associations are so essential.”

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