Family Issues/Divorce and ADR

Families face conflicts for which they can often benefit from ADR, generally mediation. Divorces, separations, and custody or child support issues are common conflicts that can be addressed by ADR. There are also disputes over how to care for aged or disabled family members; how to allocate real property left by deceased family members, and many other issues.

New York City/State

  • Divorce Mediation
  • The Community Dispute Resolution Centers Program represents the Unified Court System's commitment to provide citizens with opportunities to develop their own solutions to the issues that might otherwise bring them to court.
  • The New York State Unified Court System partners with local nonprofit organizations, known as CDRCs, to provide mediation, arbitration and other dispute resolution options as an alternative to court. Every year, CDRCs help thousands of New Yorkers resolve a wide range of disputes including but not limited to:
    • Parents and Children
    • Child Custody and Visitation (Parenting Issues)
    • Families and Schools
    • Elder Adult Decisions